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Tammy was born into a wonderfully Intuitive Lineage. Channeling messages of love and inspiration from thousands of Angels and Guides has brought her to so many wonderful people and places over the past 20 years.
Although, Tammy primarily focuses her attention on personal readings, occasionally Tammy consults with the local Police Department on unsolved cases. To date all cases that she has consulted on have concluded with successful prosecutions, bring peace and resolution to families affected by violent crime.
A gifted and often hilarious psychic teacher and speaker, Tammy is committed to passing on the tools necessary for living an energetically charged Intuitive life. They are, after all, your Angels and Guides shouldn't you know how to communicate with them yourself!


Experience the Revelation
Feel the Rapture that await you!

With every passing moment thousands of Angels and Guides stand with us, ready to serve.
  • As we enter the most phenomenal time in the history of the Universe, we need to be mentally, physically, and energetically prepared to live a life of love, passion and success.
  • Angels and Guides are able to offer us key insight on how to enrich our lives and how to enhance our authentic and beautiful selves.
We live in the most exciting time in history. In October 2011 the 4th Dimension opened, affording all of us the opportunity to truly live a full mutlisensory life here on earth. 
The 4th Dimension refers to the amalgamation of our collective energies and the Universe. It has been millions of years in the making and is not limited to the earthly realm. Throughout history , present time included, the human race has continued to refine their personal energies and elevated it's frequency. The effects of this massively elevated frequency resulted in the increased rumination of the collective light energy. Essentially, we as energies have successfully moved past negativity and into the lightness of positive pure love energy. 
There are many energetic dimensions to the Universe, more more than can be counted at this point in time. Energetic dimensions are differentiated by vibrational frequency of energy and light. Each dimension is accessible to everyone the key is to learn how to manipulate your energy to vibrate at the same frequency as the dimension you are trying to achieve. 
Some the simplest ways to manipulate your energetic frequency are:
   - drink water
  - meditate
  - laugh out loud
  - breathe                                                                   
  - quiet yourself
  - be kind to others and yourself
  - get enough sleep
  - eat the foods that your body craves
  - move your body
  - believe yourself without question
  - forgive
  - love with your whole heart
  - clean out things that you don't use anymore
  - touch or hold wood, rocks, natural water, plants, soil
     or animals.

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